If you don't have a Google  optimezed website

you are only selling to
7% of your market.


What we do

Working together on your success 
at times when you have the time, you do it yourself and when you don't have it,
we do it for you. 

Lazyseller provides a comprehensive range of services in the areas of brand development, back-office services, web designing, digital marketing, copy, print services, handyman services & construction project management.  

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Positioning, re-aligning and updating your brand. There are many companies who have grown their business but not taken their brand on the journey. We are expert at running brand audits to assess your current brand assets before developing the most effective brand development to bring your brand in line.

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web design | website design | web designer | webdesign


Lazy seller specializes in everything that you as an entrepreneur don't get to. You want the best for your customers, but you cannot always do everything alone. Sometimes you don't get to something or you don't have the right expertise. And if you can pick up more yourself, just do it. We are only there if you need us. 

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web design | website design | web designer | webdesign


Are you a company and looking for new strategies for its growth? Remember that each year the challenges before business are different. Market conditions are changing due to ever increasing competition. In 2019, your startup will have to implement some marketing campaign to counter your business rivals.

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We specialise in creating websites that convert visitors into leads. We design websites that enrich though also provide you with an ROI. 
People spend too much time on design and images and too little time on the content and SEO to gain visibility. We emphasis on extra content optimization to functionality and usability offered by a responsively designed or mobile-optimized site will provide you with a higher visibility on search results

Only thing you have to do is just give your start-up idea in Malayalam or English and send to us. We will write the contents professionally, develop your whole start-up idea, even we create your elevator pitch in a stunning website. This will be your stepping stone to your dream business into reality. you can influence your idea or brand perception by writing your own story on the website. It’s an essential fundraising tool for Start-up.

An average webpage on the internet gets no more than a few seconds to cast a favorable impression on the visitor. That’s the challenge a web content writer faces! Grabbing the attention and engaging the web audience is no mean task. Our web content writing is a professional discipline and you should entrust your web content with our experts.

Translating your Business Strategy into your marketplace

One of the reasons why fast growth of businesses becomes difficult to achieve in Kannur is that people do not take a brand seriously easily. There is a hard marketing work behind successful brands. They marketed their products or services in a special way before their potential customers. According to a survey, 54% consumers don’t trust brands. If you need to achieve reputation and brand value you need to concentrate on your visibility. You need to have an identity in world wide web in other words you need to have a stunning website well optimize on popular search engines. It will broadcast your products and services to the buyers rather than keeping inside your shelf. Appropriate marketing strategies are more for making people aware of new offerings by a company.

Strategic thinking is core to our approach on every branding project we deliver

Strong Back office

Outsourcing back office support leads to substantial savings that can be utilized to expand your business. Developing an infrastructure to maintain your in-house back office team for a busy and weaker front office is an expensive affair. You need to spend significantly in labor costs, employee turnover

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An Investment

Marketing is the act of persuading people to buy a product or service. Often, businesses need to convince customers to buy their product or service instead of a similar one from another company.  Nailing down a marketing strategy is like trying to hit a moving target.

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Our Portfolio

Featured Medical Website Design

Our Core competency is to develop and market stunning Healthcare websites. We design, develop and market websites for Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Health Care Consulting firms, Bio-medical companies and much more.

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