Today, many CEOs, owners and executives of small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) are struggling with growing their company.  

Today is a new paradigm—the Age of the Customer. Those who “get it” are growing faster than ever. Never before have so many companies gone from startup to a million-rupees valuation so quickly. But those who don’t are struggling"…"and are in danger of being left behind.

Mobile billboard advertising

We rent out walking billboards with promo walkers for your promotional campaign and leaflet distribution. We present your message and brand details to your customers in a funny and most productive way.  Our promo walkers can handover your leaflets, product samples, discount coupons etc. Walking billboards are ideal for busy city centers, shopping malls, trade shows, exhibitions, election campaign and campuses etc.

Our promo walkers take these LED back-lit displays can go wherever you want your message to be seen.

The age of the customer

There’s concern about how the market is changing. People no longer trust company-sponsored advertisements. Digital media presents a dizzying array of choices for reaching customers who are becoming harder to influence.

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Marketing Strategy

We Explain and guide you why the your company struggle to grow in today’s marketplace we present you a Strategic Marketing Road map that will enable you and your team to create an emotional connection with your market, stay relevant, and thrive.

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The misconception

In many SMEs, the word “marketing” has a negative connotation. 
It’s treated as an expense instead of an investment. It’s used as a stopgap to generate leads when the sales team starts missing its numbers. It’s typically managed by the owner or sales manager (who is trained in sales, not marketing). And when times get tough, it’s one of the first budgets to get cut (when it should be increased!).

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