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Start-up business

Website for Rs: 8500/-

Dream Big and follow your dream every single day until you are living the dream every day.

A single website domain tells a story of million words. It indeed a stressful effort to repeat your startup stories to sevaral prospective investors or so called funding banks. Your whole story in a nut shell just a click away for everyone.

Only thing you have to do is just give your start-up idea in Malayalam or English and send to us. We will write the contents professionally, develop your whole start-up idea, even we create your elevator pitch in a stunning website. This will be your stepping stone to your dream business into reality. You can influence your idea or brand perception by writing your own story on the website. It’s an essential fundraising tool for Start-up.

Think of it this way, your website delivers your marketing message 24 hours, 365 days in a year! most professional websites are information-oriented and try to solve visitors’ pain points. It provides investors with an overview of your business, whether it’s showcasing your product, sharing your business model, giving a look into your strategy.

Special Offer

for Start-up Websites

We create your start-up business website or just your start-up idea story line to a stunning website, with professionally written contents and create your elevator pitch. This will be your stepping stone to your dream  business into reality

All Inclusive 

Offer Rate

Rs: 8500/

for limited period only

What it includes

Custom domain of your choice

Website Content Writing

Content Optimisation


Search Engine optimisation


Mobile Optimised 


24x7 Support

We create an elevator pitch for your startup Idea 

By definition, an elevator pitch is a quick persuasive speech that is used to create interest in a project, a concept, or people. It distils your ideas into the simplest, clearest points of value, what makes you different, and instills enough curiosity to make the prospect want to hear more. Theoretically, it should be no longer than the time it takes to ride an elevator to the top floor in a building. (e.g. between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.)

Example for an Elevator pitch

Hi, my name is Radha Krrishnan, and I am the Founder of XYZ Water Company.
We manufacture the XYZ MaxLite, a commercial grade water
purification system that uses a tri-plane osmotic process that dramatically
reduces the content of impurities in drinking water. Unlike competing systems,
our patented osmotic process uses one-third the power of a traditional water
purifier while reducing the installation space to half. Our modular construction
takes less than 36 hours to install, and best of all its price is less than 60% of
similar systems. For more details please logon to my website (Web Address here).